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Animated Stickers - My Album


Our little PANDA wants you to learn new words! He has been WORKING HARD and this is the cute result: Animated stickers!
Trains, boats, fruits, animals, body parts... Collect, play and interact with them! Create your own Sticker Album!
Kiki, the little panda, and all his little friends are waiting for you to join this adventure!
 Fun features:- Unique high quality collection of stickers!- Cute sounds and colorful scenarios for your kids!- More than 60 stickers!
Let CHILDREN learn while having fun with this EDUCATIONAL game for kids! Help them complete their STAM COLLECTION and develop their imagination and creativity!
__________▶Design concepts:
We focus on inspiration, not just learning.We focus on capacity-building, rather than a single cognition.We focus on entertaining, rather than spoon-feeding teaching.Take the baby bus, which is loaded with a happy childhood!___________▶The series introduction:
Baby Bus is the first trusted brand in early childhood educational software. The mobile applications are designed and developed specifically for preschoolers, and they are divided into two groups by age, the Starter Group for toddlers between the ages of 1 and 3 and the Prodigy Group for children between the ages of 3 and 6.
The educational series in the Starter Group pursuits early learning by introducing games and songs tailored to your tots. The applications are aimed at improving their hand-eye coordination and nurturing their creativity from an early age.___________▶Tips: In the search bar, enter "BabyBus" to find all of our products.
Feel free to tell us your thoughts on our games and services using the contact methods listed below: E-mail: en@babybus.comWebsite: http://www.babybus.comFacebook: